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Articles on North Carolina Law

Over more than fifteen years of practice, John Kirby has written numerous Articles on several areas of North Carolina law. Some of these areas of law are addressed in this website. Below is a list of topics which are addressed in this website. For each of these areas, you can request a more thorough manuscript on these areas of law. Note of course that the information provided on these pages is only of a general nature, and does not address any particular factual situation. An individual with a legal problem should of course consult with an attorney and provide him or her with a complete statement of the facts, to determine how any aspect of law applies to his or her particular situation. The use of this website does not create an attorney-client or other relationship. See also the legal disclaimers on this site.

You can access brief Articles on various topics by clicking the links below. Contact us if you are interested in a more comprehensive article on these topics.