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Minor's Personal Injury Claims in North Carolina

When anyone is injured in North Carolina, determining whether he has a valid claim against another person and determining the damages to which he is entitled is a complicated issue. When a minor (a person under eighteen years old) is injured in a car accident or other type of accident in North Carolina, several additional issues are raised, which can greatly further complicate the claim.

An Article written by John Kirby, which is soon to be published in the Campbell Law Review, addresses some of these issues. A child can sometimes have a claim where an adult would not have a claim. A child's statute of limitations is often different from that of an adult, and the defenses to such a claim can be different. Further, there are procedural differences, such as the need for a "guardian ad litem" for the child in a court proceeding. In a more complicated case, one might need to assess whether the minor's settlement will impair his or her rights under, for example, SSDI or Medicare. The use of trusts in such cases can greatly enhance the minor's net recovery, and the use of an "annuity" is often a good option when settling a minor's claim.

John Kirby has represented several minors asserting claims, and has defended many claims by minors. These claims range from minor injuries, to post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of a body part, and traumatic brain injury. An outline for an Article written by John Kirby on minor's personal injury claims can be found on another page on this site.