Quackenbush v. Steelman

In Quackenbush v. Steelman, decided on November 5, 2013, (unpublished) the Court of Appeals addressed whether defendant, sued for criminal conversation alienation of affections, was subject to personal jurisdiction in North Carolina.

In this case, the plaintiff sued the defendant, alleging that the defendant had an affair with the plaintiff's husband. The parties lived in New Jersey. The triste began in Florida, following which the plaintiff's husband and the defendant drove back to New Jersey. On the way, they passed through North Carolina, and spent the night in Dunn. The Court of Appeals held that this was not sufficient contact with the State of North Carolina to subject the Defendant to jurisdiction in North Carolina.

John Kirby has represented many parties in civil actions, and has argued motions pertaining to personal jurisdiction. In 2013 he defeated a challenge to personal jurisdiction in an action filed in Superior Court.

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